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Goldi Sands Hotel offers guests a combination of Sun, Sand and Fun just minutes away from the airport. With a host of amenities and comfortable surroundings, Goldi Sands Hotel staff strives to make your stay memorable. A hop skip and away from the beach, guests can laze around all day under the sun.

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Goldi Sands Hotel Restaurant is an excellent place to taste a variety of a la carte menus featuring traditional Sri Lankan cuisine and International dishes. An excellent collection of seafood is also available while the hotel chefs are always prepared to cook up specialties for the discerning guests. Theme nights are held at the Main Restaurant and the Beach Hut Restaurant ranging from Chinese and Italian nights to a Sea food Extravaganza and an International Buffet. The beach Barbeque is an added specialty.
The outdoor swimming pool is a welcoming site to enjoy a dip under the tropical sun. Drinks are served by the pool.


Ayurveda meaning the "science of life" is a 5000 year old traditional healing system using natural ingredients and methods. This technique of healing creates harmony between mind, body and soul while detoxifying and strengthen the defenses of the body. At Goldi Sands Ayurveda Wellness Center you can pamper yourself with this renowned art of holistic care under the supervision of trained therapists. The Ayurveda Wellness Center offers tailor made packages that constitute both preventive and curative Ayurveda treatments. Let our professionally skilled therapists’ help you indulge in body massages, hot oil treatments, herbal baths and much more. Treat yourself to some luxury…relax, refresh and rejuvenate naturally.